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Rome Consensus 2.0 at ISSUP Thessaloniki 2024

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing in Global Drug Policy

The ISSUP Thessaloniki 2024 Workshops brought together experts, professionals, and organizations worldwide to discuss and advance global drug policy. Among the notable participants were key allies and members of the Rome Consensus 2.0. This event, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, served as an essential platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering the development of effective and humane drug policies.

Highlighting the ISSUP Event

The ISSUP Workshops are renowned for their comprehensive approach to drug prevention, treatment, and policy. Thessaloniki 2024 was no exception, featuring a series of workshops, presentations, and discussions aimed at improving the global response to drug issues. The event covered a wide range of topics, from evidence-based practices and harm reduction strategies to the latest research and policy developments.

Rome Consensus 2.0 in Action

During the event, representatives from PTACC USA, PTACC UK, and Proyecto Hombre had the opportunity to participate and bring the voice of the Rome Consensus 2.0 to their interventions.

The participation of these and other allies of the Rome Consensus 2.0 at events like ISSUP Thessaloniki 2024 reinforces the global network’s dedication to advancing humanitarian drug policies. By working together and sharing knowledge, PTACC USA, PTACC UK, Proyecto Hombre, and other RC2 members continue to drive progress towards a more compassionate and effective approach to drug abuse disorders.

Sign On The Rome Consensus 2.0.